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First of I want to apologize because I haven*t been a great member in… - You are my everything... — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Perfect Couples

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[Sep. 30th, 2004|08:48 pm]
Perfect Couples


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First of I want to apologize because I haven*t been a great member in any of the communities. Everything is just so crazy now, I*m in so many things that people made me leader/organizer of, and since Homecoming is this weekend I*ve been trying to get everything together and set up for the game and the dance. Today I had field hockey practice and I tried to take a nap 2:30ish before leaving at 3 and I woke up around half an hour ago {{it*s now 8:52}}

David and I have hit a few rough patches, I broke up with him on the 19th, but we got back together within a couple of days. Neither of us were really ready to throw our relationship away over the fights we*ve been having, even though they were pretty bad. We*re working past it now, talking way more since that was one of my bigger complaints.

On to better things now--Friday we hung out after field hockey practice. He and I had no idea of what to do so we ended up buying the Star Wars Collector*s DVD Set, some chinese food, and watched Episode 4 in my room. We ended up falling asleep and he woke up at 1:30am and said he had to go home. The next day though, one of our closest friends, Jon, {{the one who introduced us}} had a birthday party last Saturday. I was with my ex friend Anthony/Tony, and later on we met up with David who took me to the party at Jon*s house. It was a lot of fun, we hung out at the house, ate some food, and later on went bowling.

Sunday we went to New Jersey with his family for his nephew*s first birthday. I hung out with David, his brothers Erik and Jason, his sister Jessica, his parents, Erik*s girlfriend Malia, and Jason*s girlfriend Jen {{Arthur*s mother}} Arthur was adorable! He got so big =) It*s great because of all the problems he had and was born with, at least now he*s doing better after his surgeries.

David went to my field hockey game on Monday. It was against his former school, Harrison. We lost really badly lol. We*re used to playing on turf and the grass they had was so thick and we didn*t really get to practice on grass. I was sick that day too, after playing the first half and most of the second half I had to get out because I couldn*t breathe. I thought it was cute how he was there though =) And he*s going to tomorrow*s game against Rye as well as the Homecoming dance Saturday night.

The other day he was holding me and kissed me, a sweet and gentle kiss. He looked me in the eye and told me how much he loves me, and how he knows we*re going to make it because I*m God*s gift to him. I think I started crying.. I love him so much.

David & Me at Jon*s house

Us at Jon*s again

Us at the bowling alley

Our friends Andrew, Jackie, David & Me at the bowling alley

Birthday Boy Arthur =)

David wearing my poncho thing lol

David*s parents

David*s mom, brother Erik, and his girlfriend Malia

David*s sister Jess

My 1 year with David is October 11th. =) Unfortunately he*s got school that day, so we*re going to celebrate that weekend. We*re going to see the fireworks on the 9th like we did the night he asked me to be his, only this time we*re going with some kids because he was supposed to babysit and the children*s mom told him to bring me too. It*s going to be hilarious because he*ll be driving a minivan, and there*ll be kids in the back lol =D I don*t remember if I told you all that David is obsessed with paintball now, and I still haven*t played, but my surprise for him was to play on our anniversary. He was planning a Harrison vs. Greenburgh game with my friend Adam. I spoke to Adam and I was going to play as a surprise for him. Everything is up in the air right now because he*s got school, but I*ll try and update more later on.

much love