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I was having a pretty bad day, but I'm in a better mood now. Just… - You are my everything... — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Perfect Couples

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[Sep. 5th, 2004|03:43 pm]
Perfect Couples


I was having a pretty bad day, but I'm in a better mood now. Just thinking about how great of a guy David is and how glad I am that we're together. =)

At first I was dreading the return to school because I knew David and I wouldn't be able to see each other as often as we have been during the summer. We'd both have school, I'd have field hockey and work, he'd have Aikido and he was also looking for a job for the winter {{he's a lifeguard--not too much good during the winter}}

Yesterday morning he and I went up to Stamford for the ColdStone audition, and he passed =) His interview is tonight, but Brandon told me he's definitely getting hired. How great is that? My baby and I will be working together =) Weee

Last night I worked 5-close. It was taking forever.. Jeff and I kept on checking the time and I was so surprised that it was only 9, I was hoping it was around 10:30. I kept on checking up to see how long the line was, and when it was close to 10, I saw David and Bruce there =)

I was so shocked. "What are you doing here?" "We wanted ice cream..." "You go to Rye or Scarsdale for ice cream--not Connecticut!" lol I was standing around waiting for them to get to the front of the line so I could serve them, and while I was waiting, Melissa saw David and was like "Wow he's cute! Who is he?" "He's my best friend =)" {{we don't really want people knowing we're together at work}} She was nice enough to take the next customer so I could help David.

They stayed around and we went out after work. We went to a diner, since it was like 12am. David and I get to see each other later =) He's got his interview with Franco and then he's driving me home again. ::le sigh:: I love him so much =)